ASF Episode #7 -The Metaphor Suit


This week, we review the new movie available on Roku, BIG FAN, starring Patton Oswalt and have so much fun doing it that we unintentionally also review YOUTH IN REVOLT.  We verbally assault Kick Ass, the movie and the comic, but Matt actually convinces Chris that Mark Miller still has more cred than Chris Cornell and a bottle of crystal skull vodka combined. 

Listen to Matt react indifferently to the some of the greatest superhero comics of all time. 

Listen to Chris furiously rage against the sad state of comics dealers in the state of Upper Valley and the physical realm. 

Learn what is the most embarrassing comics in our collections, our favorite Santas, and the biggest mistakes we’ve ever made in comics… this week. 

It turns out it takes more than two to make a thing go right. Here’s a list: 


MacLaomainn’s Scottish Pub 

Big Fan (old cover) 

Big Fan (new cover) 

Put on a Happy Face (article about the same “New Cover” phenomenon) 

Youth in Revolt (movie) (Yes, I know it was a book first! So was everything!) 

The Wrestler (movie) 

Oh Yeah, and apparently we make the sinful mistake of saying Jim Belushi instead of Jon.  Such errors are the reason he has a career at all. It was a stupid mistake, we were drunk, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  We’re sorry.   

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